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Company Statement – 2

Information about the current situation due to Corona Covid 19 pandemic

To all Business Partners

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On 17 March, we issued Information about the current situation due to Corona Covid 19 pandemic and provided action measures from META Sisteme de Rafturi SRL.

META has set up a crisis management team for this purpose, which discusses the latest developments on a daily basis and communicates internal changes accordingly.

Update on already taken the following immediate changes to maintain our business operations as unscathed as possible:

I. META Sisteme de Rafturi prevention measures – Update 27.03.2020:

As a measure of prevention, as the health and safety of our personnel and Clients is our top priority, our management team in Romania has decided to implement a temporary work-from-home program for all our employees in Romania, in order to limit the risk of infection. This is a preventive measure we are taking, while continuing to serve our Clients effectively.

Thus, for all our employees across our 2 offices in Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, we have decided to extend temporary working-from-home until 17 April 2020 with possibility for prolongation.

Please note that all correspondence from now on will go thru company email address :

II. Location Cluj-Napoca – Central Warehouse and delivery point :

  • All deliveries are running according to plan and previous agreement with our supply chain
  • Future deliveries shall be arranged and scheduled, please contact us for pick up details : Via phone: +40 364 736415 / Via e-mail:
  • Highest level of hygiene measures was proclaimed and implemented

For our Clients, we are committed to keeping our services up and running and any business matter shall be completed within the legal deadlines, regardless of any logistical delays, should they arise. Nevertheless, it might be that some reasonable delays in our communication might occur.

We can currently assure you that at the moment both locations, META Arnsberg as well as Budweis, CZ, are not affected by any production limitations caused by the virus. The assembly and other services are currently being carried out to the planned extent and our entire supply chain is currently equally stable.

Please note that transport logistics are currently under a lot of pressure, so that planned transport times cannot be guaranteed by 100%. You should take this into account into your planning.

We are confident that we will be able to cooperate effectively remote and to exchange any documents by email, while remaining safely at home. We shall keep you informed with the latest updates, especially in the heavily affected areas.

In case the situation changes, we will of course keep you informed. May you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We wish you all the best to you and your families.

Cluj-Napoca, 27.03.2020

Kind regards,
Borislav Balnusa
Managing Director

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