First four-storey picktower based on the new racking system implemented in the Netherlands

A world premiere took place in the industrial area of the municipality of Venray in the Netherlands: The first picktower based on the new META MULTIFLOOR racking system. The company Syncreon Netherlands B.V. built a new site in the area, which Jungheinrich equipped with intralogistics solutions. The four-storey META MULTIFLOOR racking system was a key component.

Syncreon is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) and develops and operates supply chain solutions for a large number of customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Syncreon’s supply chain solutions are used to coordinate, store, configure, deliver, install, return and repair customers’ high-tech products. Services span the entire life cycle of a product and include warehousing and distribution, fulfilment, after-sales services (swap services, swap pool management, repair) and reverse logistics. Spare parts for a market-leading supplier in the field of consumer electronics are temporarily stored in the new picktower and the other shelf racks in the new distribution warehouse in Venray.

The task of equipping this complex was entrusted to Jungheinrich, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated intralogistics solutions. The two well-known companies Jungheinrich and META have been successfully collaborating for many years in the field of shelf racking.

The new four-story picktower based on META MULTIFLOOR.

Project data:


Object:                              Syncreon Netherlands B.V., Venray (NL)

META products installed:

  • META CLIP four-storey racking system
  • META CLIP shelf racks
  • Steel construction solution

META MULTIFLOOR – the all-new racking system

META MULTIFLOOR is a racking system that has been redesigned from scratch and was developed as a flexible modular system. META MULTIFLOOR was presented for the first time at LogiMAT 2020.

The structure and design of the new modular system is extremely versatile, making it easier for META to respond to a wide variety of customer requirements in the future. By selecting different support widths and different material thicknesses, the racking system can be optimally adapted to the static requirements.

META MULTIFLOOR already offers a wide range of applications: from free-standing racks to multi-storey picktowers, and from wide-span racks and wheel racks to high-bay racks for industrial trucks. META is also already working on expanding the modular system, so that further areas of application will be added in the future. As an added bonus, the shelves can be joined externally and offer versatile connection options to ensure optimal shelf utilisation.

The special design, including the aisle and the streamlining of the components, also means that this modular system is cost-effective while maintaining the consistently high quality we have come to expect from META. In addition, all individual parts have been optimally designed for space-saving and therefore efficient transport and simplified on-site assembly.

The view from the top floor of the gallery with the META CLIP shelf racks.

Four-story picktower based on META MULTIFLOOR

Based on this new system, a four-storey picktower spanning nearly 700 square metres was created at Syncreon. In the picktower, the goods are stored and picked manually by pickers. The system primarily consists of large shelves with dimensions of 1300 x 600 mm and a shelf load of 150 kg – a total of over 10,000 units in approximately 1550 rack bays. Continuous plain frames and solid back panels provide optimum protection for the stored goods.

Extra storage space has also been created on the gallery with the addition of 1250 bays of META CLIP shelf racks. Eight shelves per bay with dimensions of 1000 x 600 mm and a 150 kg shelf load guarantee maximum flexibility. Thanks to plain frames and solid back panels, these additional shelf racks also protect fragile goods.

Last but not least, 5000 adjustable compartment dividers in both racking systems ensure optimal and flexible separation of goods.

With the design of the new racking system, META is confident of a strong portfolio that can maintain its success in the market.

Statement from Jungheinrich

The collaboration with META, our strategic partner in the field of shelf racking, has been a great success“, explains Marco Harder, Head of Racking Systems at Jungheinrich.

At Syncreon, we were all impressed by the new META MULTIFLOOR system due to its flexibility, expansion options and price-performance ratio“.