META storage technology forms the cornerstone for Kloska Group storage areas

The Kloska Group is one of the leading system suppliers and service partners for the shipping, shipyards, industrial, onshore/offshore, construction and trade sectors. The company, founded in 1981, stocks more than 130,000 articles at its various national and international sites, with a service portfolio also including a wide range of attractive services.

The ability to deliver at short notice is elementary for the Kloska Group, as is round-the-clock just-in-time delivery and expert, individual, personal advice on location. For example, 8,000 ships per year are supplied just-in-time with a wide variety of units from A to Z from one of the company’s 30 sites.

In order to guarantee such speed and reliability, the warehouse equipment is vital in addition to the company’s almost 800 employees. For years Kloska has placed its trust in flexible storage systems from META-Regalbau, which thus form the cornerstone for the storage areas and make their positive contribution to outstanding delivery capability.

The two-storey META CLIP shelving system at the ‘Brückenweg’ location.

Project data:


Object:                            Kloska Group, Rostock (DE)

META products installed:

  • META CLIP two-tier shelving systems
  • META MULTIPAL pallet racks
  • META cable drum racks
  • META steel construction solution

Two examples from Rostock: Zum Kühlhaus and Brückenweg

As a general ship chandler, the company offers optimum support from its ‘Zum Kühlhaus’ site for international merchant, ferry and cruise shipping. Kloska Rostock GmbH fulfils the complete spectrum of requirements of a general ship chandler ranging from catering and provisioning to technical equipment and a spare parts service. The diversity of services is rounded off by storage and logistics as well as support for propulsion, auxiliary and deck machinery.

META MULTIPAL pallet racks are used to store the palletised goods – with racking adapted to stored goods according to individual requirements. A wide variety of goods are stocked such as beverages, food, technical units, maritime equipment, consumables and much more, while small parts are stored in a two-tier META CLIP racking system and free-standing META CLIP shelving units, making the best possible use of space resources.

The company’s own net factory facilities design and manufacture nets for global fishing and industry. All is possible – whether trawl nets for deep-sea fishing or safety nets for fall protection for people and workplaces. High-quality lifting gear is also produced and assembled in in-house workshops, at short notice and to individual specifications. META MULTIPAL pallet racks are also used here to store the raw materials and ready-made nets. All cable materials are clearly and concisely arranged on META cable drum racks for easy and quick assembly.

As a technical supplier, the company also serves trade businesses and industrial companies with its versatile product range. The ‘Brückenweg’ site focuses on this target group, where all important articles are made available for immediate pick-up, along with a comprehensive specialist market and adjacent spacious storage zones.


One of the META MULTIPAL pallet racking systems – here at the ‘Am Kühlhaus’ site.

Cable Drum Racks

Overview and easy handling in the net manufactory thanks to the META cable drum shelves.

META installed a two-tier META CLIP shelving system at the location for optimal space utilisation, which stores a wide variety of articles from the technical equipment sector. The storage areas created are flexibly adaptable and enable fastest possible access to items. The objective was the customised and flexible storage of highly diverse groups of articles with maximum utilisation of space on two levels, while simultaneously ensuring short and optimal picking paths.

Pallet goods also find the perfect storage space at the site in META MULTIPAL pallet racks installed in the rear area of the warehouse facilities.

The interplay of META’s various flexible storage systems also forms the cornerstone for Kloska’s outstanding service concept in terms of speed and availability at the Brückenweg location. Ideal storage solutions for all articles ranging from A to Z are created at the locations thanks to close coordination between the two companies.

Customer Statement

“The planning phase for developing the storage and logistics system for our two new buildings needed a careful and precise analysis of our requirements. META looked after us very well from the start, and we’re very happy with the implementation.”

– Kai Waldhauer,

Site Manager and Authorised Signatory, Kloska Rostock GmbH