With META MULTIBLOC mobile racks, the service aisles needed for conventional cantilever racks are freed up for use as storage space. It is also worthwhile acquiring a mobile racking system if you want to reclaim production space in your existing buildings or if you want to bring down energy and operating costs, for example in deep-freeze storage locations where it is important to make optimal use of every cubic-meter of refrigeration air. A mobile racking store can be fully integrated with production processes – as a buffer store between production and shipment, or for storing semi-finished products at the point of assembly.

  • Purchasing a mobile racking system rather than a new building is far more cost effective!
  • Energy and operating costs are reduced.
  • Floor space is regained for production, and aisles/alleys are turned into usable storage space. The aisles can then be opened only when needed, thus ensuring compact storage and optimal use of space.
  • The mobile racking system can be extended or converted at any time.
  • It can be combined with other META systems. An extensive range of accessories is available.
  • META MULTIBLOC is compatible with the widest variety of stacker trucks.
  • As the user, you can select from various types of control system.
  • META high-quality components ensure safe and precise procedures and reliable and continuous service.

Truck drive systems

  • Every truck has one or more electric motor drive systems, consisting of a motor, transmission and shaft bearings.
  • Powerful, maintenance-free gear motors ensure smooth start-off and braking and a smooth approach to each rack row, as they act simultaneously on all running wheels on the same longitudinal side at the same time.
  • The rack rows can be moved individually or as a block, at a speed of 4.5 m/min. with reliable and continuous operation. Moving a number of rack rows simultaneously as a block saves time and ensures efficient storage and removal. Each row can be moved individually, which means less loading on the drive units of each row.
  • Large rack units may and do have side wall lengths of over 50 m, rack heights of 11 m, and support bay loads of up to 22.5 t.
  • The electrical system meets standard VDE 0100.

Service & Maintenance: META MULTIBLOC® mobile rack systems are compatible with other META racks and can be converted, extended or upgraded at any time – they can grow along with your wishes and requirements, and they are long-lasting. META offers you a maintenance contract with maintenance carried out once per year . With this contract, your system is checked out for functionality and safety by specially trained personnel.

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