Anywhere that storage space is limited or clear floor space is needed, META MULTIBLOC mobile shelving could be the perfect solution on which to base you improvement plan.

  • Up to 50% savings on floor surface, for the same storage volume
  • Up to 100% increase in storage capacity
  • Lower storage costs compared with conventional shelving systems
  • Quality assurance to RAL-RG 614/4 standard, with the GS symbol
  • Access to individual places with maximum use of space
  • Clear arrangement, with short access times
  • Rack superstructures built with the proven META QUICK and META FIX systems optimal for storing:
    – plastic crates, small load carriers, bins
    – cartons
    – folders, books, hanging folders
    – tires and wheels

META MULTIBLOC mobile shelving is available with boltless shelving (META QUICK) and bolted shelving superstructures (META FIX). These can be combined with stationary racks and can then be easily integrated with your existing storerooms.

In many logistical areas, such as archives or tire and wheel storerooms, stored goods are accessed only infrequently. In these cases, the available storage space is often limited. This is where META MULTIBLOC shelving can make your storage facility many times more efficient.

Your existing storeroom could gain up to 100% more storage capacity. Alternatively, the space you are now using for storing goods could be reduced by up to 50%.

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