FIFO principle (First In – First Out)

The new goods are loaded on the feed side, and
flow automatically to the retrieval side where they
can be removed.

A maximum of two service aisles is required, and the storage space requirement is reduced by 30% compared with similar conventional pallet racking systems. The higher turnover rate due to the shorter distances within the warehouse, the simple way in which stored goods are allocated to their storage locations, the clearer overview and compact form of storage make this an unbeatable system which pays for itself very quickly. META flow rack systems are modular in construction. Depending on the goods stored, they consist of a frame structure with roller tracks for the individual channels. These are slightly tilted toward the retrieval side, so that the goods are moved by simple gravity without the need for a drive system.

  • Obsolescence is avoided, as the goods first loaded are also the first to be taken out.
  • Separation of the loading and removal aisles ensures trouble-free working and reduces accidents
  • The removal of superfluous aisles frees up more usable space
  • Time savings through use of own goods transport, shorter travel times and fewer obstructions
  • Ideal for production series, batch tracing and keeping to shelf life specifications

Service & Maintenance: META flow racks are compatible with other META racks and can be converted, extended or upgraded at any time – they can grow along with your wishes and requirements, and they are long-lasting. META can carry out regular rack inspections for you. In this way, your system will be checked out for functionality and safety by specially trained personnel.

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