On META MULTILINE L racks, your goods are stored compactly in transport containers. They flow automatically to the picking area, from where they can be ergonomically removed. META MULTILINE® L is available in many versions – from separate free-standing systems through to combinations with pallet storage systems and multi-tier systems. Each solution is tailored to your specific requirements and problems. META MULTILINE L can be easily upgraded or converted in a few minutes, at any time. These racks are used in food wholesale as well as in pharmaceuticals and toiletries, mail order, the automotive industry and many other sectors.

  • High storage density for low space requirement, up to 30% saving on space
  • Quicker access to the stored goods
  • Ergonomic layout of work areas
  • The charging and removal aisles are separated
  • Time savings through use of own goods transport, shorter travel times and fewer obstructions
  • Goods obsolescence is avoided
  • Can be easily adapted to new goods at any time

FIFO principle (First In First Out):

The new goods are loaded on the feed side, and
flow automatically to the retrieval side where they
can be removed.

Service & Maintenance: META flow racks are compatible with other META racks and can be converted, extended or upgraded at any time – they can grow along with your wishes and requirements, and they are long-lasting. META can carry out regular rack inspections for you. In this way, your system will be checked out for functionality and safety by specially trained personnel.

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