With META steel platforms, you effectively double your storage room and acquire new surface areas. Storage areas, production rooms, workshops and machine rooms are extended without the need for new buildings.

  • With META’s expertise in steel structures, you can make rational use of your space resources; large areas can be built over, and multi-tier shelving systems can be constructed and integrated with traffic areas
  • Surface areas can be effectively doubled or tripled by building over existing storage areas, workshops and machine rooms
  • With staircases and elevator systems you can get to any location in your extended warehouse safely, quickly and comfortably
  • Additional surface area gained by building upward means costs are covered effectively
  • META structural steel platforms are order-specific – i.e. constructed to your specific requirements
  • Please include with your inquiry a drawing with the following details:
    – location of wall fixing
    – layout of loading station
    – handrail arrangement
    – layout of stairs
    – colour (standard colour RAL 5010 gentian blue)
  • Please contact our technical adviser for individual advice!
  • Structural requirements: The static load requirements of the steel platforms meet the guidelines of the national building regulations. Otherwise, the guidelines of the trade associations apply as described in BGR 234 (previously ZH 1/428).