Multi-tier rack systems are made up of multi-tier racks built up on large areas and have flexible application due to the extensive range of accessories. Strategic service aisles can also be arranged and integrated with traffic areas, thus optimizing the logistical processes. In this way, META multi-tier racking can shorten your order-picking routes!


  • Optimal usage of room height – up to 12 m
  • 100% usage of shelf widths
  • Shelf widths 1,000 or 1,300 mm
  • Shelf depths from 300 – 800 mm
  • Shelf height adjustable in 25 mm steps
  • Shelves mounted without screws
  • Frames disassembled for optimal transport
  • Frames pre-assembled if desired
  • Shelf loads from 80 to 300 kg
  • Bay loads up to 7.5 t
  • Surface: galvanized or with RAL plastic coating as required