Low-cost quality bolted shelving, the classic shelves for permanent installation of
individual shelf bays or rows.

  • Quality: the shelves are made of strip-galvanized quality steel sheet for constant use and high holding capacity, available with competitively priced galvanized surface or additionally with impact-resistant powder coating in light grey (RAL 7035)
  • Shelf height adjustable in steps of 25 mm for variable adaptation to the size of stored goods
  • Individually adaptable to your office environment with various shelf heights and widths
  • Starter bay: Nominal length + 4 mm · Nominal depth + 4 mm
  • Add-on bay: Nominal length + 2 mm · Nominal depth + 4 mm
  • Shelf load: from 70 to 100 kg
  • Dimensional variants:
    Standard shelf height: 1,850, 2,200, 2,500 mm
    Standard shelf depth: 300, 600 mm
    Standard width: 1,000 mm
  • Individual shelf loads: 80 to 100 kg1
  • Surface: galvanized or with additional powder coating in RAL 7035 light grey

1) with evenly distributed load

Safety: Single-sided shelves must be secured to prevent tilting, as shelf height is more than five times the shelf depth. Shelf / bay load data are based on evenly distributed loads and at least 3 bays.

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