META MULTIPAL E/D system drive-in/drive-through racks are the perfect solution for storing large quantities of goods of the same type. But also for palletized but pressure-sensitive goods which do not allow block storage. The pallets are inserted one behind the other in the shelf levels. Using a handling conveyor or stacker, palletized goods can be deposited on lateral Z rails one after the other, on several shelf levels placed one above the other in a racking channel.

  • The optimal solution for rational, well-arranged, and adaptable storage
  • 4 hook-agraffes with height-adjustable in 50 mm steps
  • Closed box sections ensure high stability
  • Frames are made of cold-worked uprights, which are bolted together with the cross-bracing on site
  • The META MULTIPAL system is a product certified to RAL-RG 614/2 and bears the GS symbol
  • Static testing: based on the DIN EN 15512 standard
  • Standard frame height:
    galvanized version: from 2,200 mm to 12,000 mm
    powder coated version: from 2,200 mm to 6,000 mm (continuous uprights above 6,000 mm as extension frame)
  • Surface:
    frames galvanized, alternatively with powder coating in RAL 5010 gentian blue (at extra cost)
    cross-bracing galvanized
    beams with powder coating in RAL 2001 red-orange