META CLIP shelving systems are ideal for storing ordinary goods and small parts. Besides their extensive range of accessories, META also offers various special shelving based on their core products. META has a few interesting solutions for the motor vehicle sector, for example specially constructed tire and wheel racks. For long-term storage of summer and winter tires, META can also provide a mobile “tire hotel”, which can hold more than double the number of tires accommodated by stationary tire racks. For the motor vehicle sector, wide-span racks also provide space for awkwardly shaped parts such as exhaust pipes, bumpers and windscreens. META CLIP special shelving is suitable for all small parts storage applications, where they bring good order and so make a considerable contribution to storage efficiency.

Hazardous goods shelves with drip trays or trough shelves are suitable for storing WGK 1-3 water-hazardous fluids and F / F+ combustible fluids.Protective equipment racks, corner shelves, parcel shelves with split supports, inclined shelves, and boltless shelves with storage bins find applications across many sectors.