• Complete rack
  • Simple to assemble with boltless mounting
  • All-round edge protection of the wooden decks by countersinking in the stepped beam
  • Planning dimensions: Nominal dimensions = Actual dimensions
  • Assembly as basic rack unit only
  • Bay load: up to 800 and 1,200 kg
  • Shelf load: up to 400 kg
    (up to 200 kg for stacking shelf, depth 400 mm)
  • Stacking shelves: Depth 400 mm
  • Working height: Packing table 970 mm
  • Intermediate shelf height-adjustable in 50 mm steps
  • Stepped beam in longitudinal and depth directions
  • Two supports under each deck, only one support under top frame
  • Surfaces of profiles and beams galvanized

Safety: Racks with a height/depth ratio of ≥ 5: 1 must be secured to prevent tilting (for wall and floor anchorings, please refer to our storage systems order catalogue). Shelf / bay load data are based on evenly distributed loads. Bay load data apply to rack rows with 3 or more bays.

Assembly Instructions

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