Boltless inclined shelving with mesh dividers – particularly suitable for carton packed goods, e.g. packets of screws or small parts packed in small storage boxes.

  • META QUICK S3 rack system with disassembled frames, provides particularly high stability and load capacity, shelf load 200 kg per level
  • Quick boltless assembly without tools
  • 6 mesh dividers per inclined shelf are included in the delivery: these can be used to set tracks in steps of 50 mm depending on the size of the stored goods, and adjust the track width at any time (no lateral end stops)
  • Shelf height adjustable in 25 mm steps
  • Single-row shelving:
    Starter bay: Nominal length + 56 mm · Nominal depth + 36 mm
    Add-on bay: Nominal length + 6 mm · Nominal depth + 36 mm
    Double-row shelving:
    Starter bay: Nominal length + 56 mm 2x nominal depth + 75 mm
    Add-on bay: Nominal length + 6 mm 2x nominal depth + 75 mm
  • Shelf load: 200 kg · Bay load: 1,400 kg or 1,800 kg
  • Incl. top shelf for dust protection and additional storage space
  • Easier access to stored goods
  • Optimal monitoring of stock levels: You can see immediately where fresh supplies are needed
  • Stored goods such as cartons slide down automatically to the retrieval side; angle of inclination 14°
  • Alternatively, also with 3 shelf dividers (150 mm high) per shelf instead of mesh dividers, and with only 5 shelves

Safety: Racks with a height/depth ratio of ≥ 5: 1 must be secured to prevent tilting (for wall and floor anchorings, please refer to our storage systems order catalogue). Shelf / bay load data are based on evenly distributed loads. Bay load data apply to rack rows with 3 or more bays.

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