With multi-tier shelving systems, it is possible to make maximum use of the available space inside tall warehouses. Systems like these are often used to store small parts for manual order picking. For these purposes, we offer the META CLIP systems for up to 3 levels, and META MULTIFLOOR for up to 5 levels. We can create tracks in the shelves with intelligent modern design and minimal steelwork. These are attached by brackets to the punch holes in the upright sections, and reinforced by supports according to the track width and/or loading. The simple and rapid assembly means an increased cost advantage compared with competitor systems.

The META CLIP multi-tier shelving solution is based on the proven CLIP system and is ready for up to 3 levels. The clinched (pre-assembled) frames are set up, the reinforcements are attached, the shelves are inserted in the clips, and the shelves are now up. Then only the tracks need to be mounted and the system is ready. With the META Multifloor system, the frames are steel structures consisting of sections bolted together with horizontal and diagonal struts. This type of design ensures a high degree of rigidity and allows 5-tier structures to be created (up to 12m shelf height). Shelves are also attached to their supports by lateral clips, so that the full width of the shelves is available for use.