Three-storey META shelving system is the key element at STAHLGRUBER’s Pforzheim location

For many years, the STAHLGRUBER Group has operated one of its almost 180 sales branches in Pforzheim. Recently, this branch was extensively renovated and expanded, resulting in a tender for new equipment in the storage division. The contract was awarded to specialist dealer BERG Lagertechnik, who then together with the warehouse technology specialist META-Regalbau undertook the planning and implementation in close coordination with STAHLGRUBER.

With around 180 locations in Germany and Austria, the STAHLGRUBER Group is one of the leading companies in car parts wholesale. As well as service packages, the company offers primarily spare parts, accessories, workshop equipment and tools for the entire automotive repair industry. Since 2018, STAHLGRUBER Group has been part of LKQ Europe, the market leader in the European automotive spare parts and accessories business. An average of 30,000 articles are permanently stored in a STAHLGRUBER sales branch, and the company therefore also relies on regional logistics as well as its Sulzbach-Rosenberg logistics centre. Countless delivery tours in Germany and Austria start from the various sales branches several times a day – including at the Pforzheim location, which has now been optimised and expanded.

The new three-storey shelving based on the META QUICK system.

Project data:


Customer:                              STAHLGRUBER, location: Pforzheim

META products installed:

  • META CLIP three levels shelving system
  • META MULTIPAL storage system
  • Steel construction solution

The task

Due to the increase in orders and product range, an expansion along with an optimisation of the storage facilities were overdue in Pforzheim. Based on the clear conceptions of STAHLGRUBER, the specialist dealer Berg Lagertechnik was awarded the contract for this project. Together with its partner META-Regalbau and in close coordination with the customer, a new three-storey shelving system based on the META QUICK shelving system with steel construction components was implemented as the new heart of the logistics processes at the Pforzheim location.

All articles are stored fundamentally according to a chaotic storage system. However, some items require special types of storage, and these are now located in specially equipped areas. They include:

  • Car batteries in the storage division with collecting trays,
    gratings as well as fire extinguishing equipment kept in stock
  • Exhaust parts for upright storage on the upper floor
  • Very long goods in specially designed cleat racks – extending into a closed aisle.
  • Cardboard-packed bulky parts in large shelves
  • Special stored goods in lockable cabinets

The META steel construction solution in combination with the META QUICK multi-tier system.

One of the staircases created in the four-storey META CLIP multi-tier system.

Warehouse management and labelling is performed using a warehouse management and barcode system developed in-house, which is also based on STAHLGRUBER’s many years of experience.

In addition to the storage areas created, various requirements for the steel construction had to be implemented. Extra-wide stairs were introduced in one stairway as escape and rescue routes, the walkways were equipped with gratings for fire protection reasons and for accelerated smoke extraction, and specially designed swing gates were used in the extra-wide pallet transfer stations. META MULTIPAL pallet racking systems with oil pans were placed in front of the multi-tier system to store lubricants and engine oils.

STAHLGRUBER Customer Statement

“The symbiosis of Berg Lagertechnik, META and STAHLGRUBER worked excellently”

“It enabled us to develop a high-performance warehouse concept in close coordination”

– Günter Zachmann, Group Manager for Sales Branch Organisation